Art Deco Interior of the Wiltern Theatre

3rd Octave Theatricals creates the perfect sound design for your production, bridging seemlessly your production's aesthetic, your talent's strengths and your venue's requirements.

We can provide everything from a complete, custom designed sound system, including wireless and full orchestra miking, to full ambience tracks and original sound effects.

How We Approach Sound Design

Welcome to what we do best

Every production presents its unique vision along with its unique challenges. At thirdoctave, we like to approach a project with this in mind. The great design we just used last week might not be a great fit for your needs, for any number of reasons. So every project begins with a discussion of your production's vision and challenges. This could be as large as a full production meeting with all the key players, or as small as a short email exchange with the production manager. Over the years we have learned to ask all the right questions because we know our clients' time is extremely valuable. Our goal is to walk away confident that we can fulfill all of your expectations, and also be ready for the unexpected.

Once we get to that point, the rest is easy! We simply take your expectations and, thru the magic of sound design, create a plan utilizing the right combinations of technology and artistry that will meet them. These days we have a lot of tools at our disposal for creating just the right plan; everything from tiny, self powered line arrays that can hide inside a proscenium portal, to miniature wireless mic packs that stay hidden just about anywhere. thirdoctave can also pull from massive sound effect libraries and combine it with original scores and foley work to create the perfect ambience.

Designing within limits

It's how we keep the lights on

We need to change our perception of boundaries. Understanding they don’t merely limit, they focus. Now the direction is more clear, and more energy can be focused toward it.